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Our Opportunities

CHANGES WORLDWIDE offers you a powerful compensation model that is designed for the Part-Time Entrepreneur that would like to earn just a few hundred dollars per month, as well as the Full-Time Networker who wants a seven figure annual income.

Our Missions

CHANGES WORLDWIDE is forming solid partnerships with legitimate Non-Profit Organizations with missions that are making a difference in lives around the globe. Ten percent of profit generated from product sales worldwide fuels these missions. Our customers and affiliates make it happen. We are looking for people just like you!

Our Products

CHANGES WORLDWIDE focuses on products and services that already have an obvious demand in the marketplace. Our products include an automated Futures Trading Platform (commodities), Discounted Luxury Travel, Weight Loss System, and Sports Nutrition, with many more products and services coming soon.

Our 3 Step Plan to Success

Become An Affiliate

We offer four ways to get started.

Join Options:

  1. 1. = $99.00
  2. 2. = $249.00
  3. 3. = $499.00
  4. 4. = $2,495.00

Purchase A Business Promo Pack

Our Business Promo Packs are the pathway to building a dynamic business. You can purchase up to 10k in Business Ad Credits to effectively advertise your business in our over 100 marketing venues. You can also earn points that qualify you to participate in the company's revenue sharing pool!

Plug Into Changes University

Plug in to Changes University! Changes Worldwide has a vested interest in your success. We ave developed an empowering educational system that will give you the knowledge necessary to build your business successfully.


  • Changes Worldwide has taken me places where I wanted to go, not only that but I did it with making a difference in the world...

    - Joshua Collins, Maitland, Florida
  • Products that really do work, ThinSlym has helped me cut down pounds and I am where I want to be...

    - Miriam Venito, Columbus, Georgia
  • I was really surprised that the weight loss supplements worked so easy, the pounds and the fat just melted away!

    - Ivan Ricketts, Athens, Georgia
  • Not only am I getting great products to lose weight, but im also helping the less privileged...

    - Lisa Webber, Charlotte, N.Carolina